Summary of Technology
BIOGRADEX® Technology is a new and unique, but fully proven technology with over a decade of full-scale BNR operating experience in Europe. This technology is now being introduced to North America to provide effective year round Biological Nutrient Removal with unparalleled low cost, minimal land use, and high treatment efficiency for existing and new activated sludge Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The core of the proprietary, worldwide patented BIOGRADEX technology is a unique process enhancement of BNR treatment by vacuum degassing of mixed liquor. The MLSS is degassed in a low energy input BIOGRADEX tower immediately after biological treatment and before secondary clarification. MLSS vacuum degassing results in major improvements of sludge settling, thickening and stabilization in clarifiers. RAS concentrations of up to 2% and MLSS concentrations of 6,000 to 8,000 mg/l or more are routinely achieved.